Monday, November 15, 2010


Anyone know what the status of TARGA ( Traditional Adventure Roleplaying Games Association ) is?  When I click on the banner the home page still pops up, but the Wiki page is gone, or at least most of it is.  The blog hasn't had a post since May.  If the organisation is kaput I want to take down the banner on my sidebar, and remove them from my blog roll.

I have a feeling it's dead in the water.  The only thing remotely active is the yahoo group, and it's not that active.  The last message there was in early October.  I guess I'll give it a week.  If I can't find anything out then I start purging TARGA off my blog.

Oh well, life goes on...


  1. I never followed TARGA, but I know about six months ago there was a rather epic amount of drama and fallings-out. Some archival details here and here.

    Given all that drama, I wouldn't be surprised if the organization wasn't dead in the water.

  2. NOTE: This is my opinion only.

    TARGA is dead. The wiki's hosting is kaput. The leadership is, as far as I can tell, not doing anything active.

    The drama didn't cause the demise of TARGA, it was basically the lack of someone taking the reins and moving it forward. TARGA's main accomplishments were helping to move the idea of some sort of original edition gaming advocacy forward, and to have done a fund raiser for $350 for GaryCon.

    TARGA is dead, long live TARGA!

  3. Well. of TARGA is dead then that's a shame. I wonder if it can be resurrected? Or perhaps something along the same lines?