Friday, December 7, 2012

'Tis the Season

I continue to have Internet connection problems, and it's irking me to no end.  Hopefully,  I can stay connected long enough to get this post up.  It's been a while, but wanted to post something today.

Hopefully today I will finish putting up the Christmas lights.  It's a chore I never enjoy.  Bah humbug...

When I do get connected I've been viewing YouTube videos, and wow, are there a lot of them!  I've been watching videos about making terrain, vblogs about wargaming in general, batreps, and other things.  Watching certain videos has really been synergestic and has given me some ideas.  ( Not like I don't have enough of those already! )  In fact it's inspired me to want to make videos to post on YouTube!  Of course this is going to be a project for next year.

On Black Friday, I want to Half Price Books, and picked up a copy of WarLord Core Rules, it's a ruleset for miniature gaming created by Reaper Miniatures.  I've skimmed through the book, and it seems okay.  A few interesting ideas, and I'm intrigued by the campaign system.  The nice thing is that the book cost me just a little over 50 cents, thanks to the $5 gift card for being one of the first 50 people in line.  Some lucky person won a $100 gift card.  This was my second year getting up early to go do this.  This year I was the second person there, but when more people arrived, I didn't  like the idea of being second in line so I hung back.  Oh well, maybe next year...

Since I've lost the connection once already I will close for now, and get this posted.  Again posting is going to be sporadic for the remainder of the year.  Partially due to computer problems, and partially because I want to get a good start on next year.

I received some bad news yesterday, and it's really put a damper on what little holiday cheer I had to begin with.  Needless to say I trudge onward.