Monday, May 3, 2010

The Hunt Begins...

 I've spent a lot of time on eBay because of a recent monetary windfall.  I just won an auction for the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, and with shipping it cost me $8.50.  The description was kind of devoid of details, but it said used, and the photo didn't look too bad.   I just hope the interior is okay. I guess I will find out.  If not I will try to find another copy.  I also got a good deal on the GURPS Basic book, which due to a lousy cover I will probably put in a three ring binder.  Paid $6.77 for that.  Shipping and handling costs are the one of the big drawbacks to eBay.

Of course my most excellant recent buy was for my birthday.  I got a copy of Weapon Law: Firearms, and the price I paid was $1.95.  With shipping it was $6.11.  A good price.  I've seen recent auctions where it was listed at over $15.  So I'm happy I won that one.

Yesterday I lost two auctions.  They both were for lots of RPG books.  Of course I know I lost to a  reseller each time, and each was sniped from me in the last minute.  I should have put my max bid in right away.  That was my big mistake.  Oh well, I'm relearning all my ebay tactics.  I really only wanted a couple of books from each lot, and would have just relisted the books I didn't want individually.  Of course trying to win at the last minute doesn't work so well with lousy bandwidth.

I was at the local Half Priced Books, and there was a copy of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks,  the price was over $21.00, not really half price!  The interior was good, and I don't think it was missing anything, but the cover was well worn.  I thought about talking ot the manager, and telling him if they are going to price something as a collectible, then they need to do a bit more research.  If it was Near Mint, I think the going price is $14.  At least that's what one website said.  There was also quite a selection of Forgotten Realms modules.  All were priced between $5 and $6.  I haven't checked to see if those are good prices.

Today I'll be checking a couple of thrift stores, although I've never had any luck finding RPG books at the ones I go to.  Tomorrow I'm heading into Dallas to check the huge Half Priced Books.  If any of you are looking for something in particular then let me know, and I will check to see if they have it.  I plan on searching the games, the reference books, and of course the fantasy and science fiction section.  I'll probably check for some National Geographic maps as well.  So give me your list, and I'll check to see if they have it.

All righty then, time for me to head out on my grand Book Quest.