Thursday, February 2, 2012

Number Crunching & Philosophic Meanderings

32 days into 2012, and this is the 205th post for Have Dice, Will Travel.  HDWT has 68 followers, although at least one of those is a duplicate of another, and there are some fictional followers as well.  When I finally discovered the fictional followers I had a good chuckle.

So far this year I've written one minor rant, and one major rant, and hopefully they will be the last ones this year.  I really don't like ranting.  I'm a mellow, laid back kind of guy.  However, if something ticks me off, if I see something I consider to be an injustice, if I see someone attacked or bullied...  Well, I do what I can to make things right, or at least give moral support.

All the discussion and outrage and well everything about 5E has amused me.  I'm also a little intrigued about what may result?  Of course we have a long wait...  Wake me when it's out.  Of course TEOTWAWKI might hit before then...  Hhhmmm... if the Wizards of the Coast screw it up, then it might be TEOWOTC!  Hahahaha... I crack me up sometimes.

Actually, I'm becoming slightly interested in Pathfinder.  Now if I can just sell a kidney, then I can afford the books!  Haha.. I'll be here all week folks.  I actually haven't made a single "gaming" purchase yet this year, but I'm sure that will change.

Last night I downloaded AutoREALM.  A free mapping program, that I had forgetten I had downloaded once before.  I'm not sure I like it.  Maybe I need to find a tutorial, and learn how to use it better.  Anyone have any experience with it?  Is there some kind of advantage to using it instead of a regular graphics program like GIMP or Paint.Net?  I find it kind of clunky.

Well, I think I'll close for now.  I keep losing my connection, and it really wrecks havoc with my train of thought.  And we all know a train of thought wreck isn't a good thing.

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