Tuesday, December 13, 2011

300 or FTMB's

I've been doing my usual, "I'm bored, so I think I'll read blogs thing", and I found one I wanted to add to my blog roll.  Whelp, I discovered I had hit the "blog following ceiling".  Luckily I keep a spreadsheet with URLs I might want to visit again, so I just added it to that.  However, I started thinking about it, and due to my sometimes obsessive need to quantify things I realized 300 blogs is a lot of blogs to follow.  So I started doing the math...

Let's say for some odd reason, every single blog I follow has a new post in one, single day.  Now lets say it takes a minimum of five minutes per blog.  ( This is just an example, because I can scan a blog in a couple of minutes, but with a slow bandwidth sometimes it takes longer to load than five minutes! ) At 300 blogs, that's 1500 minutes.  Now considering there is only 1440 minutes in a single day, if every blog is updated then I can't spend five minutes per blog, because there's not enough time in the day.  I still have to eat, sleep, etc. ( Yes, sometimes I eat dinner and read blogs. Multitasking is good! )

Yes, I know not every blog is updated every day, but sometimes I spend a lot longer than five minutes per blog.  I try to skip the posts that I'm not interested in, but sometimes even those have something interesting.  It's quite the dilemma.  Following a lot of blogs can eat up a lot of time.  I think I need to be a bit more selective.  And then there's the forums, and writing posts for my blogs.  I need more time in the day...

So I think I may have to do a bit of a blog weeding.   FYI, "FTMB's" stands for: Following Too Many Blogs.  Yes, I like acronyms.


  1. Ha! You're not even following my (inkblot) blog, so the FTMB is on you!

  2. Hey, Phil I do indeed follow your blog. It's one of the 300. It's just not on the sidebar on HD~WT. I've been trying to keep it gaming related ( mostly gaming related... ).