Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Reader's Choice Challenge: the Sequel

Last year I gave my readers a chance to suggest topics for me to write about.  This time it's going to be a little different.  I'm giving the readers a chance to suggest an idea for some fiction for me to write, or at least attempt to write.  You have until Monday, October 24 to make your suggestion.

Now try not to get too specific, but then again if you are too vague then I probably won't pick it.  Also I probably won't pick anything that's too gonzo, and a wild mash-up of multiple genres, and settings.  Then again you never know, I might get in a weird mood.

I hope the piece I wrote last night was at least a little entertaining.  It's a "what if" Earth had mythological races and dungeons, but I guess most people could figure that out.  There is a back story to it, but if I keep writing about this character it will come out in bits and pieces.


  1. One of my favorite old school magic items is a Bag Of Beans. You don't see too many stories about that! I remember a DRAGON MAGAZINE article that expanded on the list; I can only assume others have added to the list of random items that might spring forth when a bean hits the ground.
    (One of them was that the bean would get sucked in to the ground, and various shambling undead would spring forth and follow the PC around mercilessly.)